About Us

About Us


Ferraro CPA Services P.C. is a local auditing, accounting, and consulting firm. Our firm is committed to serving the needs of our clients. The partners of the firm have established a skill set that allows the firm to provide services to a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals and small business owners to corporations, as well as other entities.

We have assisted Buffalo businesses and individuals since 1974 under the predecessor firm of Ferraro & Ferraro, with Vincent F. Ferraro and Vincent J. Ferraro as partners. With our significant experience, Ferraro CPA Services P.C. is qualified to help you operate more effectively in today’s competitive environment. In addition to traditional auditing and accounting, we have the expertise to offer solutions related to financial reporting, budget forecasting, strategic planning, and many other operational concerns. Drawing on our experience with many organizations, we customize our efforts to meet your unique needs.
Vincent J. Ferraro
We have built our business with the foundation of direct partner involvement on all engagements and feel that this benefits our clients. By drawing on the experience of direct partner involvement, we feel that you benefit from the full measure of the firm's intellectual capabilities and common sense flexibility. Our firm offers a blend of perspective, hands-on experience, and technical knowledge. Our clients perceive this as a benefit, and we maintain longstanding relationships with our clients.
The West Seneca Chamber of Commerce named us Business of the Year.

Dedicated Bookkeeping & CPA Services for Buffalo, NY

Professional Development

It is the firm’s policy that all professional personnel comply with the continuing professional education requirements of the AICPA, the State of New York Board of Accountancy, the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center, the U.S. Government Accountability Office, and other regulatory agencies, if applicable; that all professional staff maintain an adequate awareness and understanding of current developments in professional standards; that all non-licensed professional staff work toward passing the CPA exam; and that all professional staff assist in the training and development of staff members under their supervision.

Peer Review

Peer review is an important regulatory tool in the world of Certified Public Accountants and is conducted by the Peer Review Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We are proud to have received the highest rating possible. It is the firm’s policy to promote a culture of quality that is pervasive throughout the firm’s operations through the development of its system of quality control. In maintaining a culture of quality, the firm emphasizes the importance of ethics and integrity in every decision that our personnel make, particularly at the engagement level.

Relevant Ethical Requirements

It is the firm’s policy that all professional personnel be familiar with and follow relevant ethical requirements of the AICPA, contained in the Code of Professional Conduct; the State of New York Board of Accountancy; and the State of New York CPA Society in performing their professional responsibilities. Furthermore, it is the policy of our firm that, for engagements subject to Government Auditing Standards and other applicable regulatory agencies, all professional personnel be familiar with and adhere to the relevant ethical requirements included in those standards and that personnel will always act in the public interest. The firm takes appropriate action to eliminate threats to independence or mitigate them to an acceptable level by applying safeguards. If effective safeguards cannot be applied, the firm will withdraw from the engagement or take other corrective actions as appropriate to eliminate the breach.

Acceptance and Continuance of Client Relationships and Specific Engagements

It is the firm’s policy that, for all compilation, review, audit, and attestation engagements, the acceptability of the client and the engagement be evaluated before the firm agrees to provide professional services. The firm will accept and continue only client relationships and specific engagements where it has considered the integrity of the client, and believes the engagement can be completed with professional competence after considering the risks associated with providing professional services in the particular circumstances. Additionally, the firm ensures it can comply with applicable legal and ethical requirements.
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