Tax Preparation


Tax season is something that everyone dreads and nobody can avoid. Taxes are changing every year, and even a seemingly honest mistake can cause you far more stress and trouble than is necessary. You can avoid this stress and trouble by allowing our tax professionals to handle your business or individual tax preparation needs. Serving the Buffalo, NY area, we stay up-to-date on all state and federal tax codes, so you can rest assured that you will be completely covered with our tax preparation services and won’t get an uncomfortable phone call from the IRS.
Tax Preparation Buffalo, NY


  1. Get Organized. It is important to stay organized throughout the entire tax filing process. A helpful way to see what is needed and what has been completed is to create a checklist. The IRS offers a free checklist here.
  2. Know Important Deadlines. Most people know they need to have their taxes done by the spring time—April 15th to be exact. However, some people may need to be aware of other deadlines for estimated tax payments. Add deadlines to your checklist to stay on top of your tax preparation. 
  3. Think Throughout the Year. Procrastinating on your taxes can lead to major problems in the future. Add any important documents you receive throughout the year to one location, such as a folder or filing cabinet. When it comes time to submitting your taxes, you will have everything together already.
  4. Protect Your Identity. Identity theft occurs during tax season in attempts to get your tax refund. You can protect yourself by keeping your social security number and financial information private, protect your computer against viruses, and be aware of phishing scams. Also, remember to shred any sensitive documents.  
  5. Donate and Save. One easy way to get more out of your tax refund is to donate unwanted clothing and goods. Not only will you be decluttering your basement or garage, but you will also receive a tax break.
  6. Get Tax Help. While tax preparation software may seem quick and easy, you could be missing out on major deductions. Going to a certified tax consultant is always your best option to help you every step of the way and answer any question you may have.


With the laws changing every year, it’s crucial that you get assistance and make sure that taxes are filed correctly for your business. After all, it only takes one mistake to cost your business time and money that can hurt your progress and set your business back. At Ferraro CPA Services P.C., we take extra effort to learn all the new state and federal tax codes, so we can make sure your business is covered and you remain in compliance. For more information or to begin working on your business taxes, please give us a call for tax preparation for Buffalo, NY.
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